Pneumonia Vaccination Programme

As we know pneumonia is a lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, in which the air sacs fill with pus and may become solid inflammation, later may affect both lungs. Pneumonia can affect people of all ages. However, two age groups are at greater risk o developing pneumonia and having more severe damages to their human system: infants who are two years old or younger and to the old people. Because their immunes are not in the well-balanced state, hence they are being affected by this disease. Since the old people are not given much attention in their families, the government of Tamil Nadu takes a step forward to care for the aged people and save their lives and so they introduced this free pneumonia vaccination scheme in Tamil Nadu.          

Government of Tamil Nadu first time in India organized  Pneumonia Vaccination Programme for the aged people who stay at St.Thomas Home for Aged (Don Bosco Beatitudes) on 12th December 2018. To felicitate  this event in Don Bosco Beatitudes at Vyasarpadi three of our Tamil Nadu ministers were present namely D. Jayakumar, Minister for fisheries, V. Saroja, Minister for social welfare  and nutritious noon meal programme and  C. Vijaya Baskar, minister for health and family welfare, along with the Rev. Fr. Joy Panackel sdb the director of Beatitudes, Fr. Thomas sdb the headmaster of Don Bosco School, Fr. Johnson sdb the administrator of beatitudes, Sr. Jessy sma the superior and Sr. Jemila sma the Administrator of  St. Thomas Home also were present.

This pneumonia Vaccination programme had begun at 11.00 am with the Tamil Thai vazhthu then a general introduction was given about his vaccination programme. Followed by  C. Vijaya Baskar, minister for health and family welfare said in his speech that this scheme is mainly focused on poor people, who really in need of this vaccination. Proper implementation of this scheme would prevent the number of deaths that occur in Tamil Nadu. Though this medicine costs very high the government of Tamil Nadu takes the privilege of giving this vaccination freely to the poor and needy people.  Then the other two ministers also spoke on the same topic assuring the people many more good and valuable schemes for the welfare of our society.

After all this elegant and informative speech of our dear ministers and a vote of thanks, pneumonia vaccination injection was given to 56 old people who are residing at St. Thomas home for aged (Don Bosco Beatitudes Social welfare centre).  

We wholeheartedly thank the government of Tamil Nadu for taking up such a big initiative to care for the aged people who really in need of care and concern. We also thank all those who worked day and night for the success of this mega event.