St. Camillus Clinic

The health care center was started in 1965 in three different areas for the benefit of the leprosy patients and other poor people of the surrounding slums. Fr. Mantovani found that the leprosy patients and other poor people were unable to get good medical help, and so he started these clinics with the help of various religious congregations and trained nurses (religious sisters and others). St. Camillus Clinic situated in Don Bosco Beatitudes Center was started with aim of rendering medical care for the numerous slums around us and to look after the medical needs of the elderly in our St. Thomas Home for the Aged and the children on the campus – from the Dominic Savio Boys Home and the Nirmala Girls Home and the Don Bosco Schools The clinic functions from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The clinic is now looked after by an SMA sister and a trained nurse. Each day approximately 20 to 30 patients come here to get treated for basic health issues.