Dominic Savio Boys’ Home

This home which was started in 1978 was initially meant for the children of the leprosy patients and beggars. In the same year around 60 children of the leprosy patients were accommodated in the boarding and looked after. Now this home opens its doors to all boys who are all orphans, semi-orphans, children of single parents, and those who are living in very difficult social or economic conditions. The new boarding, Dominic Savio Boys’ Home, was opened on July 7th, 1984, with the help and encouragement given by late Mrs. Olive Allerton from Australia. This building also developed cracks, and therefore a new boarding was inaugurated on December 19, 2017. The ‘Bridge of Life’ foundation (USA) came forward generously to renovate this boarding. This home provides the children with every facility for an all-round development. There is a dormitory, a study hall, a refectory, a TV hall and other recreational facilities. They attend the Don Bosco Schools in the campus which is situated close to the home. They are given special tuition and encouraged to study till XII Standard; many of them are also helped to continue with their college studies. They are also given opportunities to participate in various types of training programmes to enhance their innate talents
The Salesians priests and brothers look after these boys and try to motivate and empower them to become honest citizens and builders of a better tomorrow. At present there are 50 boys.