Dominic Savio Boys’ Home

6-16 years of age

Dominic Savio Boys HomeThis home for the children of the leprosy patients and beggars began in 1978. In the same year around 60 children of the leprosy patients were accommodated in the boarding and looked after. Only in July 7th 1984 the new boarding, Dominic Savio Boys’ Home was opened for the boys by the encouragement given by late Mrs. Olive Allerton from Australia. It is a home where all the facilities are given to the Children for an all round formation. They attend Don Bosco Schools, which is situated close to the Home. They are given special tuition to cope up with their studies. Not having the proper motivation, becomes a problem for these children to apply seriously and continue their academic studies.

The Salesians look after these boys and try to motivate and empower them to become better. At present there are 170 boys. Some boys who are not able to continue their academic studies are recommended to follow non-formal technical trades.