Type Writing & Tailoring


This is a government recognized commercial institute meant for both young boys and girls. They have classes for one hour every day at different times in small batches for 6 months. A diploma in typing is useful for getting government clerical jobs and is also useful for computer related skills. Every year around 115 students. pass out in two batches from this institute. In the world of computers and technology, typing has become essential, and it is also a skill that is needed for many a government office job.


Women from the surrounding slums and lower income families come to our centre to pick up some skills: tailoring is the main skill they learn but they are trained for wire bag making etc. Many of them are also school dropouts; with some tailoring skill, they can earn some money to look after their families. Poor young women who are planning to get married also feel that some tailoring will be of help to them. We have an experienced teacher who teaches them the various aspects of tailoring. Every year around 30 women learn the art of tailoring and related arts.