Social Welfare Centre

தமிழில் வாசிக்க

The Don Bosco Beatitudes Social Welfare Centre reaches out to a variety of people with a wide range of services.

  1. The smile of these poor children brings a freshness to this centre. The three boardings, Dominic Savio Boys’ Homes and Nirmala Girls’ Home are home away home for nearly 100 orphans, semi-orphans children (both boys and girls). They receive food, clothing, a place to stay, education and all that they need is provided for them.
  2. Every child has the right to quality education for their good future. Our Don Bosco Nursery and Primary school (Tamil medium) and Don Bosco Higher Secondary School offer holistic education that makes the students face the world with courage and honesty. We reach out to around 521 small boys, 495 small girls in the primary school and 650 poor boys and around 650 girls from the neighborhood in the higher secondary school.
  3. Our compassion moves us to an emotional engagement with 45 poorest of the poor elderly abandoned women and 15 destitute elderly men by providing all their needs, by moving into their world, walking in their shoes and sharing in their struggles, joys and challenges in our St. Thomas Home for the Destitute Aged.
  4. There is a space where any old person can come and feel at home. This initiative is known as the Rua Day Care centre that is combined with our home for the aged. Any old person is welcome to spend his or her day with us. They can have a meal and go home to sleep.
  5. Women’s empowerment is the process by which ordinary women hidden within the confines of their home are brought in touch with other women and they form groups that support each other and are trained in soft skills and other skills that help them to stand tall in society. They are able to earn some money to sustain their families with ease and become leaders who can bring change. Our WHEAT programme (Women Health Education Animation and Training Program) caters to the needs of 230 Self-Help Groups with a membership of more than 2500 women Groups. This brings out the best in them.
  6. The non-formal Tailoring Institute that we have offers a space where girls and married women can freely come and pick up the art of tailoring to enable a better quality of life for them and their families.
  7. In the world of computers and technology – typing has become essential and it is also a skill that is needed for many a government office job. Our Typing Institute offers a government-recognized course for 80 poor students.
  8. Don Bosco Centres are always geared towards the youth. The Salesians live for the youth and their institutions are always open for them. The Don Bosco Beatitudes Youth center is a meeting place for the young. They play football, table tennis, caroms, sports, music and are involved in other activities. More than 200 young people make use of these facilities.
  9. The real church is about spirituality, transformation, positive, progressive, life-altering change that produces good fruit. Our Lady of Consolation Parish provides spiritual food for more than 620 Catholics families around DBB center.
  10. St. Camillus Clinic is a health center that has holistic program of personal, family and community health improvement. It is on the campus and is open to the poor of the neighbourhood, where a religious-nurse is in-charge of this clinic.
  11. A conducive environment and opportunities can help the poor children to come up in life. Our two Evening Study Centers that cater to 75 poor children offer this to the children of the neighborhood who do not have a proper place to study at home. They are assisted by teachers who look after them.
  12. Don Bosco Crèche offers a loving space to 100 tiny tots. Working parents can leave their children in this well-organized learning centres. A sister and teachers look after these children while their parents go to work for their living.
  13. Mantovani Educational Project aims at strengthening the bonds of solidarity between the poor and the well to do. Scholarships are given to many children in the locality. They are helped to complete their studies in various schools and colleges.

Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person