Don Bosco Creche (Balwady)

It is a Day Care Service Centre for the poor children (2-5 years of age) recognized and supported by Central Social Welfare Department of the Government of India. This service for the poor families of the locality began in 1982. The objective was to assist parents who leave for work to fend for the family. They leave their children at the day care centre in the mornings and take them back in the evenings when they return after work. In the beginning, there were three centres, located at different areas of Vyasarpadi. In 1980, a creche was started by the center. In 1982, there were 4 units with government aid, two at S.M. Nagar and two units at Kanigapuram. Since S.M Nagar parish was bifurcated from the Vyasarpadi Parish, those two units were separated. At present we run 4 units in the Beatitudes Centre with 100 children and 1 unit in Kanigapuram with 35 children. They are taught the rudiments of alphabets, pronunciation and learning ability via play-way method of learning, and are also given the nourishment they require. This service is offered to them with 5 teachers and 5 helpers with the dedicated assistance of the Salesian sisters.