St.Thomas Home

Don Bosco Beatitudes is described as a ‘womb to the tomb’ service provider. We have a crèche, and we have a home for the destitute aged as part of the Don Bosco Beatitudes Social Welfare Services. Fr. Mantovani (founder of DBSWC) secured six and a half acres of land here on 8th December 1964, and he built a small chapel. On February 2nd 1965, he brought five elderly invalid destitute to Vyasarpadi whom he had sheltered in St. Xavier’s Church, Broadway. He settled them in a thatched shed near the chapel. It was the starting of the St. Thomas Home for the Destitute Aged.
The objective of this home was to provide shelter and care for the abandoned old and dying people – the people who cannot look after themselves and those who do not have anyone to care for them in their old age. It is a pure charity-based voluntary service in favor of abandoned, old people; the only precondition to qualify for admission is that the individual should have no children without any means of sustenance. Caste, Creed or Nationality is no bar to admission and everyone is treated with love and equality
Initially, the Missionaries of Charity sisters looked after the inmates of the home; later. the Salesian Sisters and few other congregations shared this responsibility. In 1972, the present building for St. Thomas Home was constructed and opened. In 1980, the Salesian Sisters gave up the charge of St. Thomas Home, and in their place the Aloysius Gonzaga Sisters came to supervise the home. In March 1984, the Gonzaga sisters left, and from August 20th 1984, Sisters of the Destitute came to supervise it. In addition to the management of the home, they were given charge of the dispensary and the medical health care of the entire centre. Now, the SMA (Sisters of Maria Auxiliatrix) sisters look after this home and the dispensary in the campus in a very efficient way. Some trained nurses are also part of the team of sisters.
At present there is an eighty-bed accommodation, with separate areas for men and women. Admission is given to anyone without any distinction of caste, creed or religion. By the year 1985, 5088 old people had benefited from this home. They are given physical, spiritual and medical care with all the residential facilities.
Presently there are 70 residents; twenty-two male members and forty-eight female members. Such elders are always on the increase and they consider this home a big blessing where they receive the best of attention to grow old gracefully and to merit the blessing of a peaceful death and a decent burial.