World Sunday of the Poor

On Sunday 17th November Pope Francis wants the Sunday before feast of Christ the King to be celebrated as the World Sunday of the Poor. We decided to celebrate this in Don Bosco, Vyasarpadi with a fundraising dinner. We arranged it in style in the Mantovani Hall. In the afternoon we had the programme in Tamil and in the evening we had the same programme in English. It was well attended and the response went beyond our expectation. The programme started with songs, and then a talk by Fr. Joe Andrew, dedication of the programme to our dear departed, a video on our center (prepared specifically for this) and then dinner with live music. The idea was to make people come together to contribute towards the needs of the poor in our house. During the Tamil progamme past pupils of DB Tpt. (companions of Fr. Joe Andrew sang) and the band Funk Agenda sang for the evening programme. We also had a Mass at 6.00 p.m. in English for our dear departed. We were able to get more than 5 lakhs through this programme.