Who Are We

தமிழில் வாசிக்க

For more than 5 decades this impressive, humble, loving and compassionate institution in Vyasarpadi has been a playground, a school, crèche, a kitchen, home for the orphans and shelter for the poorest of the poor, an asylum for the destitute aged, emancipation hub for women to learn and launch out with skills and courage; a Centre where the young can feel at home and a heart that welcomes one and all. Yes, from 1964 this simple house grew into a big umbrella of love known as Don Bosco Beatitudes Social Welfare Centre and standing silently and relentlessly touching the lives of thousands of the poorest of the poor Children, youth and aged. Thousands of kind hearted people have helped us in this journey of love. 

Our motto- ‘No one has the right to be happy alone!

Vysarpadi was once upon a time a vast slum area known for its rowdyism, violence and crime. It was a place where many labourers and repatriates from Burma settled down. It is also known for its gaana music, hip-hop dance, football and food. Don Bosco Beatitudes has been a part of the history of this place and a meeting place for the young and the old.