தமிழில் வாசிக்க

This center is the realization of the vision of a saintly Italian Salesian priest, Rev. Fr. Orpheus Mantovani, who wanted to help the poorest of the poor in Madras (Chennai). At that time, this area was a big slum with many poor and homeless people. The Salesians have toiled hard in this area of North Chennai for more than 50 years. The small sapling that Fr. Mantovani planted between 1964-1965 has grown into a mighty tree, now called The Beatitudes Social Welfare Centre, that provides food, shelter, education, training, job opportunities, entertainment, sporting facilities and the gift of faith to orphaned and semi-orphaned children, juvenile children, poor and unemployed youth and adults, women from poor economic backgrounds, poor slum dwellers, and abandoned elderly people. It is a parish, a playground, a school and above all else a home; this was Don Bosco’s dream. This center is sustained solely by Divine Providence, which is seen through the contribution of generous people from different parts of the world. Our motto, “No one has the right to be happy alone”, were the inspiring words of Rev. Fr. Francis Schlooz, a great missionary and lover of the poor who was the Director of Don Bosco Beatitudes for 13 years after Fr. Mantovani. This spirit of charity and compassion is what sustains this institution.