Rev. Fr. Orpheus Mantovani, a Salesian priest, born at Castegnaro, in Italy had the spirit, zeal and the dream of helping the poorest of the poort. His dreams came true when the Archbishop Louis Mathias of Madras-Mylapore, asked him to survey Vyasarpadai area to establish a new parish. After surverying the place, in 1964, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, he purchased the land that was a dumping yard for einders. He was moved by the povery of the people and the pitiful condition of the lepers. He converted this land into a living place. The place was overcrowded with the evacuated slum and pavement dwellers from the city and with 20,000 Indians, repatriated from Burma, Moved by the poverty of the people and touched by plight of the incapacitated lepers, Fr. Mantovani founded a centre that was officially inauguarated on February 2, 1965.

The small sapling that Fr.Mantovani planted has grown into a mighty tree that provides shelter to thousands and poor of poorest of the surveying. The Beatitudes Social welfare centre, as inaugurated called now, has a number of welfare programmes extended towards the orphan and semi-orphan children, juvenile children, poor and unemployed youth, women from the poor economic background, poor slum dwellers, poverty and abandoned elderly men and women. The centr aims to improve the lives of the poor. Our Programmes help educate, train and empower the poor of all age groups. from candle to grave’. This centre is sustained solely by Divine Providence, which is seen through the contribution of generous people from different parts of the world.

“No one has the right to be happy alone” were the inspiring words of one of the Directors of Don Bosco Beatitudes for 13 years, after Fr.Mntovani. This motto of the Institution is being practiced meticulously even today.