About Us

The Don Bosco Beatitudes Welfare Centre is a Roman Catholic institution created in 1965 by Father Mantovani a Salesian father from north Italy and still run by Salesians Fathers, Brothers and Sisters. It is situated in India, in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu.

The Salesians are Roman Catholic Fathers, Brothers who consecrated their life to God in order to follow the Christ. Their life is entirely devoted to God threw prayer and mission. As Saint John Bosco, an Italian Priest who dedicated his entire life to the welfare of poor youth, they want to show the Lord’s Love to young people, to help the poorest of the poor. They are continuing to help the children in the same way as did Saint John Bosco with one thing in mind : their happiness.

The Salesian community was created on the 18th of December 1841 when Don Bosco invited several young people to help him. Together they took in charge poor young people of Torino and created the Society of Saint Francis de Sales, known Salesians of Don Bosco.

In the Don Bosco Beatitudes Welfare Centre, the Salesian community have a child development programme, a youth service, a senior citizens programme, a Rehabilitation of lepers programme, a women development centre, a pastoral service and two health care centres. Besides them, a plethora of volunteers have contributed to the growth and development of the Centre. Besides these full-time volunteers, we have our graceful Benefactors, Agencies, NGOs, Partner organisations, Volunteers stepping into prop-up the different wings of Don Bosco Beatitudes : all of them are helping the children, the aged and all the people that come to the center by their presence or their donations.

Don’t hesitate to discover the History of Don Bosco Beatitudes and all the people behind the Don Bosco Beatitudes Centre of Chennai, in India.